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Access to Health Services Impact Statement

Western Parklands

Access to Health Services Impact Statement

Health is an issue that requires an all-of-government and community response.

Access to healthcare is an essential driver of population health outcomes. It is important for promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death, and promoting health equity.

Access to healthcare can be defined as the opportunity to identify healthcare needs, to seek healthcare services, to reach, to obtain or use health care services, and to actually have a need for services fulfilled

This Western Parklands Access to Health Services Impact Statement has been written to guide and promote considerations of access to health services as a key priority in:

  • informing all levels of planning approaches and decision making of new growth areas;
  • supporting the development of healthier neighbourhoods; and
  • improving the health and wellbeing of existing and future communities across the Western Parklands City.


The Western Parklands Access to Health Services Impact Statement aims to:

  • Assist in building knowledge and understanding of the broad dimensions of access to health care, including the impacts of access or lack of access to health services.
  • Enable better consideration of the social determinants* of health and equity of access.
  • Ensure the right health and wellbeing services are provided in the right place and the right time by incorporating access considerations into local planning controls including availability, affordability, transport solutions and digital connectivity.
  • Promote an approach for sectors contributing to planning documents to incorporate considerations for access to health and wellbeing services.

* For more information on the social determinants of health and their impacts in Western Sydney, please see WSHA’s companion document, the Western Sydney Health Alliance Social Determinants of Health Framework.


The Western Parklands Access to Health Services Impact Statement is underpinned by the following principles. These principles are based on the Health in All Policies approach, advocated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) , and are crucial if improvements in health are to be achieved across Western Parklands City.

  • Legitimacy grounded in the rights and obligations under national and international law.
  • Accountability towards the people of the community, pursuing a long-term political commitment to supporting and enabling better consideration of the social determinants of health and reducing inequities.
  • Participation and consultation with the residents of Western Parkland City, placing them at the centre of planning, policy making and interventions.
  • Transparency with access to meaningful, up-to-date and localised information.
  • Collaboration and cross-sectoral partnerships, with shared responsibility, that promote health, equity and sustainability.
  • Sustainability where policies, projects and programs that are aimed at meeting the needs of present generations do not compromise the needs of future generations