For healthy communities in the Western Parkland City

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Increasing Resilience to Climate Change  (IRCC)

Over the past few years we have experienced devastating bushfires and floods, dangerous air quality and heatwaves, and an evolving disease pandemic. As our data grows and science progresses, we are now more clearly seeing their impacts on our health and wellbeing.

The changing climate is increasing the frequency and intensity of these events, and the Western Parkland City is at increasing risk relative to other areas of Sydney.

The Western Sydney Health Alliance has been funded by the NSW Government to develop a resource designed to provide local governments within the Western Parkland City practical recommendations on taking immediate action to increase community resilience to the health impacts of a changing climate.

The resource will also be relevant reading for local health service partners who will lead prevention and treatment strategies that mitigate risks arising from an increase in urban heat, floods, bushfires and air pollution.

We all want to create a healthy and resilient future. The guideline, will assist by providing tools and strategies, underpinned by a health lens, to enhance and drive positive change.